How it all began.......

Magic in St. Louis and the Riverbend area! Looking for entertainment for your child’s birthday or special event? 

Chris Carpunky has been performing magic for over 30 years. He started late at 18 years of age after being inspired by a David Copperfield special on CBS. 

He became the second youngest magician to teach magic at a University at only 24 years old. David Copperfield was the youngest.

Over 30 years later, he is still performing at birthdays, school assemblies, libraries and other family venues.

Chris Carpunky has appeared on Fox2 News twice and Show Me St Louis twice. 

He has also been featured in over 25 newspaper articles with three of those making the front page. 

In 2010 Carpunky was asked to audition by NBC for America's Got Talent and was offered a "Fast Pass"which he would be one of the first 10 auditions skipping the line. However, his wife was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer so he declined the offer to care for her. She is fine now and kicked cancer's butt!

In 2014 Chris Carpunky started a magic theater in Alton, IL called Alton Magic Theater. However, after 26 performances and lack of space, he decided to go back to performing for private events. However, the idea of starting the theater again is going through his mind. 

Chris Carpunky has more 5 star reviews than any other magician in the St Louis and Riverbend Area with 40 Five Star on Gigmasters, 39 Five Star on Gigsalad, 4 Five Star on Google, 2 Five Star on Thumbtack and dozens on his Facebook Page: Magician Chris Carpunky (with over 1,550 likes). He has nothing less than 5 star reviews! In fact, Chris Carpunky has won several awards for all of his positive reviews (see below). 

Chris Carpunky's wife is a well known photographer in the River Bend area and has won The Advantage Newspaper 'Photographer of the Year' three times and the Riverbender 'Photographer of the Year' 3 times. She has been invited at several colleges as a guest speaker because of her photography. In 2016 her Harry Potter session went viral in the Huffington Post worldwide. 

Her work has also been featured on many websites and in several magazines. Her photography page is and even more pictures are available on her Facebook Page: Carrie Carpunky Photography. 

Chris Carpunky has been married to Carrie Carpunky for almost 24 years and they have a 18 year old daughter (Katelyn) who wants to be a Beauty Blogger and her Facebook page is Glam by KK. She has over 4000 followers on Twitter and some of her followers include Boy George, Anastasia (owner of Anastasia make up line) and the original voice of Siri. 

Katelyn Carpunky also plays wheelchair tennis and two times now has taken third place at women's doubles in the US Open competing against 40 countries. 

The Carpunky Family lives are never normal and they never want it to be!